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About Arenz Pest Management Solutions Inc.

Arenz Pest Management Solutions, Inc. is a family owned and operated pest control company right here in mid Missouri. Because we're local, we know and understand St. Louis pest control issues and have the right pest extermination solutions. Pests create unhealthy and unsanitary conditions for your St. Louis home and keep far too many people up at night worrying needlessly. We would like the opportunity to educate you regarding your pest elimination options and ways to protect you and your family.

termite control servicesIn addition to the health hazards posed by insects and pests, the Saint Louis pest management experts at Arenz have also frequently seen the disastrous effects of poor pest prevention or control in homes and businesses. Frequently these are disasters that could've been prevented, detected, treated, minimized and eliminated before they became serious problems. For example, Subterranean Termites alone have caused over $5 billion dollars worth of damage to US homes in just one year, and this is not covered by your homeowner's insurance! The results of a termite infestation on a St. Louis homeowner can be financially devastating and emotionally draining.

Missouri also is also home to many species of dangerous stinging insects, poisonous spiders and disease-carrying insects that pose extreme hazards to your health. Bites from poisonous Brown Recluse Spiders, Black Widow Spiders, fleas, ticks (carry Lyme's disease), or a sting from a hornet or wasp can cause extreme discomfort, illness, or even death. One bite from a Brown Recluse can cause damage to the skin, leaving scarring and infections.

black widow spider

Rest easier knowing we can rid your home of these dangerous pests and keep you pest-free year-round. We continuously seek to provide our St. Louis clients with the safest and most effective procedures to control pests that cause both health and economic harm to our clients.

Our motto at Arenz Pest is: "Protecting our Families." This is more than our motto; it's our promise. Not only have we kept this promise to our St. Louis customers for over a decade, but we've continued to deliver affordable, reliable and trusted solutions.

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