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General pest management, Subterranean termite inspections and treatments, Wood Destroying insect infestation inspections for real estate transfers and refinancing.

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General Pest Management protects your home and family's health from the ill effects of many insects that can cause physical harm to you and your family. Chances are that the pests in your house actually have their nest outside — they travel back and forth for food, water and sometimes shelter. Our Saint Louis pest management professionals focus on both your inside, as well as the outside, of your St. Louis home. Did you know that most "do-it yourself" pest control efforts can actually make things worse? Arenz Pest uses safe and eco-friendly pesticides that won't stain or make you or your family sick. Most over-the-counter sprays and repellants can cause more problems for a homeowner. In fact, when it comes to ants, those products can cause a phenomenon called "budding" in which foraging ants, separated from their nest and queen by repellant spray, will actually start new colonies.

Pests effect human and animal health in various ways by consuming and contaminating food supplies; causing psychological stress, injecting venoms; invading body tissue; transmitting viral, bacterial, fungal, and other disease-causing organisms and destroying our living areas. For example, the role of cockroaches in human allergies and asthma has been well documented.

spiders removal servicesSome of the pests that infest Missouri homes are more than a nuisance, they're very dangerous. A Brown Recluse Spider bite can affect not only the immediate health of an individual, but their entire life can be changed due to the bite. This spider's bite can be painful and can develop into an ugly, slow-healing ulcer.

We pride ourselves on a safe and effective approach to pest management. Environmental impact is at the heart of our approach and focus. We inspect and service your St. Louis property with EPA approved products with a focus on your safety.

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